• Shaolin Kempo Karate & Master Dmitri

  • My name is Dmitri Stoliar, and I'm a 6th Degree Black Belt, Master Chief Instructor in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu. I teach self defense and security awareness to people of all ages, from all walks of life, in any environment. My clients include schools, companies, families, and individuals who want to be personally safe through the application of physical skills and mindfulness. Through long term development, students become personally confident and improve performance academically and in the workplace.

    We offer fun and exciting classes in the art of self defense that can be easily learned by people of all ages. Our students train in a regimented but fun atmosphere that stresses confidence, concentration and self-control. Our curriculum consists of strikings. kicking, grappling and submission.

    We teach our students to focus their minds in conjunction with their bodies to achieve their goals. Not only in the dojo but outside the dojo as well. Our students come away with a sense of pride and achievement not found in other organized activities. Our program is designed in such a way that beginners can start any time and our schedule of classes is set up so your child will have adequate time to complete any schoolwork they might have.

    Our rates are reasonable and our enrollment options offer the choice of paying on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. We offer family discount rates and free uniforms are available with certain enrollment options. For individuals who have reservations about enrolling we offer a free introductory lesson.

  • For adults interested in training we offer evening classes for both men and women. As a result of training you will quickly attain many health benefits such as: stress reduction, weight loss, improved flexibility. increased muscular strength, increased coordination and cardio vascular conditioning.

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  • With classes six days a week to choose from, we want to cater to you and your child’s schedule. Our classes pack fitness, fun and self-defense into every session. Plus your child develops powerful skills like confidence, focus, discipline, and more!

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  • Regular practice of Tai Chi & Taoist Yoga can bring a wide range of health benefits to the muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems. The flowing movements serve as a moving meditation that reduces stress and provides a way to cultivate body and mind.  

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